Advanced Care
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Pharmacy Services
Pharmacy Services
Advanced Care partners have been providing pharmacy and health care related services as Michigan based companies since 1959. In each community we serve, the staff is dedicated to advancing care. From this core philosophy of professional service and community commitment, we have grown to be recognized as a preeminent leader in the field of pharmacy and health care services.
  • Our retail pharmacies offer quality services at competitive prices.
  • Our experienced pharmacy teams support behavioral health and residential care programs
  • Our clinical pharmacy experts ensure successful outcomes through medication therapy management
Pharmacy Services
Comprehensive Pharmacy Services
  • On-Site Pharmacy Services
  • Group Home and Residential Care Pharmacy Services
  • Convenient access to our pharmacies for consumers and caregivers
  • Dedicated pharmacy teams support CMH and Residential Care organizations
  • Billing and fiscal management of pharmacy services
  • Providers throughout Michigan, including Metro Detroit, Flint, Jackson, Lansing, Port Huron and Saginaw
Expert Services, Advanced Care
  • Experienced pharmacists
  • Leaders in community health education and civic responsibility
  • Specialized drug regimens and compounding
  • Immune-therapies for seasonal flu, H1N1 and shingles
  • Most insurance plans accepted
Dedication to Development and Education
  • Careful monitoring of drug-to-drug interactions
  • CMH staff education
  • Formulary development and management
  • On-site review and research of insurance coverage options for CMH consumer medications