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Pharmacy Durable Medical Equipment Infusion Therapy
About Us
Advanced Care is multi-disciplinary health care delivery network headquartered in southeastern Michigan. Our network includes retail and institutional pharmacy locations, medical equipment and supply outlets, specialty drug, compounding, and infusion pharmacy entities. In addition to our extensive operational staff, we also employ dozens of industry experts in a variety of management and executive level positions. We work with healthcare delivery systems to advance patient care outcomes and improve the economic performance of the organization. We close gaps in healthcare services with an infrastructure that combines focused strategic initiatives, efficient supply chain administration, operational management, and effective patient-centric services that improve economic and clinical outcomes.
ADVANCED Care has demonstrated its commitment, dedication, and leadership to our profession and has been recognized by experts in the industry.
Professional and Service Recognition:
  • St. Clair County Community Mental Health Organization Award 2010
Advanced Care Pharmacy Services of Port Huron
  • Michigan State Fair Veteran of the Year 2007
Paul Palazzolo, Leader, Advanced Care Distribution Services
  • Pharmacist of the Year 2006
William C. Drake by the Michigan Pharmacist Association
  • Innovative Pharmacist Practitioner 2005
William C. Drake by the Michigan Pharmacist Association
  • Special Project Hero 2006
Advanced Care Pharmacy Services – Saginaw County Community Mental Health
  • New Business of the Year Award 2005
Greater Port Huron Chamber of Commerce
  • Barrier Buster 2002 –
Advanced Care Pharmacy Services – Jackson – Lifeways CMH
  • Distinguished Achievement Award in Community and Ambulatory Practice 1996
Grant H. Brown by the American Pharmaceutical Association, Academy of Pharmacy Practice and Management
  • Innovative Pharmacist Practitioner 1995
Grant H. Brown by the Michigan Pharmacist Association
  • Bowl of Hygeia Award 1988
Grant H. Brown for outstanding community service by a pharmacist by the Michigan Pharmacist Association